Saturday, September 8, 2012


Easy win yesterday with the Atlanta Braves, they blew out the Mets. Its finally here......FOOTBALL!!! The first Sunday of the NFL season. Football on Sundays make working the weekdays easier, making school easier during the weekdays. Everyone looks forward to Monday night football, Thursday night football and Sunday football. So many game, so many lines, so many spread, so many stats for fantasy football. Ok...let me calm down lol. I won my first football game this season on Wednesday, taking the Dallas Cowboys!!! Yesterday when I chose the winning pick of the Atlanta Braves, I also promised 2 NFL picks today. And I am a man of my words, so enjoy!!!!!!!!!
Today I am taking the ATLANTA FALCONS -2.5 over the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. I know the Falcons are on the road but this line should be a lot higher. It opened at only 1 and its jumped up but only by 1.5 points. Matt Ryan has looked awesome in the preseason and he has so many weapons. Matt Ryan has two SUPERSTAR WIDE RECEIVERS in Roddy White and SUPER FANTASY STUD Julio Jones. Julio Jones has been rumored to have looked SUPERHUMAN so far on the football field. Don't forget they have future Hall of Famer and red zone monster Tony Gonzalez. Did I mention they still have Michael Turner and up and coming speedster Jacquizz Rodgers. Expect a lot of points from the Falcons and expect a blowout early and for good. Take the Atlanta Falcons and thank me 2marrow morning.
My second pick is an UNDERDOG SPECIAL!!! Yes thats get points!!! Not only are they going to win but they are going to be given points. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are +3 against the Carolina Panthers. Dont be scared of the Cam Newton mania. I don't expect a repeat season like last year, especially since he started to tail off at the end of last season. The Tampa Bay Bucs are a much improved team with the additions of Big WR Vincent Jackson who gives them that big playmaker they need. Also they added rookie sensation Doug Martin who has looked incredible so far and will be running and catching the ball all over. I expect a BIG BIG year from Josh Freeman (Check out my Fantasy Football article Thursday AUGUST 30th on Josh Freeman). This is a great value to take Tampa Bay especially since I see them winning outright!!! Take the UNDERDOG Tampa Bay Buccaneers and thank me 2marrow morning.

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