Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm taking the Cincinnati Reds tonight vs the terrible Houston Astros. I know the line is high but you have to understand that it is high for a reason. That reason is that the Reds are a far superior team. Their offense includes the likes of All-Star Brandon Phillips, hot hitting Ryan Ludwick, super rookie and RBI machine Frazier and Stubbs who can hit a HR and steal a base or two. Mike Leake is pitching for the Reds and he has been good for them this year. But the real story is the bullpen of the Reds. Once the Reds have a lead its been pretty much game over for the opposition. Aroldis Chapman has been a man among men when closing out games. If he doesn't throw 100mph people think theres something wrong with him that night. Add in Ondrusek, Marshall, Arredondo and former stud closer Broxton and you have a lights out bullpen staff. Take Cincinnati Reds and thank me 2marrow morning.


ANOTHER WIN LAST NIGHT!!! Thats 3 winners in a row and I'm going for number 4 tonight and starting the weekend on a good note...a winning note. Tonight I'm taking the same team that I took last night....The San Fransico Giants! I'm going to ride the hot hand, especially with Madison Bumgarner pitching for the Giants tonight. The 14 game winner bring a solid 2.93 ERA with 163 Ks to only 36 Walks. He's 3-1 in his career versus the Cubs and has a awesome 2.08 career ERA against them. With the dominant stats, Bumgarner also gets to go against the young Cubs lineup which doesn't really have much or any fire power at all. Like I said yesterday I expect to see the usual...Pagan getting things going at the top of the order and Sandoval, Posey and Pence doing what they do best....HIT!!! This is a fairly easy pick tonight and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a blowout early in the game. So kick back on this Friday night and enjoy an easy win with the Giants and start your weekend off smiling into Saturday and thank me 2marrow morning.

By the way...for those of you who have been reading my blog everyday and winning with me. If you really enjoy and my hard work and the effort I put into this blog, please tell your friends and other you know. Therefore I can get the hits and views and know my effort is not going to waste and that I should continue to do what I've been doing and that is win and help others. Thank you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


BOOYAH another win yesterday with the OVER on the Dodgers/Rockies game. They crushed the OVER by 7 runs with a final score of 10-8!!! I am super hot right now.
Today I am taking the San Fransico Giants at -185 over the TERRIBLE Houston Astros. The Giants send pitcher Ryan Vogelsong to the mound and he has been rock solid for them all season long. Vogelsong already has 11 wins and sports a very good 2.90 ERA...his career ERA against the Astros is 2.72. Therefore I fully expect Vogelsong to shut the Astros non-exsistent offense down. Even without Melky the Giants still have a very nice lineup with Pagan, Sandoval, Posey and Pence. To be honest with you I can't even name 3 guys in the Astros starting lineup right now and I'm pretty sure you can't too. This is a no brainer and I am taking the Giants right NOW!!! So put in the TV dinner and pop open a nice chilled soda and sit back and watch a lopsided victory for the San Fransico Giants tonight and thank me 2marrow morning.

Extra - Fantasy Football - JOSH FREEMAN.
If you need a big time sleeper at QB this year and potentially a top 5 QB in fantasy this year then look no further than JOSH FREEMAN. I expect a HUGE GIGANTIC year for the 4th year QB of the Tampa Bay Bucs. FREEMAN's sophmore season was sensational, he threw for 3451 yards with 25 TDs to only 6 INTs. Last year however, he had a drop off. Actually had more yards with 3592 but 16 TDs to a whopping 22 INTs. He did have 4 rushing TDs though, his only 4 of his young career, which shows me he was adding something to his repertoire. This year the Tampa Bay Bucs have given FREEMAN some new weapons to play with. They added Vincent Jackson who is a BIG target and a dynamic WR for FREEMAN to throw to. They added a veteran TE in Dallas Clark....yes that Dallas Clark - Peyton Manning's old favorite target / security blanket. They added rookie RB Doug Martin who has been compared to Ray Rice and can catch passes out of the backfield. I love the supporting cast of WRs with Benn, Parker, Shipley and Mike Williams. JOSH FREEMAN has a tons of weapons to throw to this year and I expect him to get a lot more rushing opportunities in the end zone. So if you can't get the BIG THREE in fantasy with Brees, Brady and Rodgers then I suggest you wait in the later rounds and pick JOSH FREEMAN!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Another win last with the Atlanta Braves. Damn that kid Medlen is a beast!!! Today I am going with the OVER again on this game between the Dodgers and Rockies. Read my post on Monday and that will pretty much explain this game. Two big offenses and afternoon at Coors Field equals lots and lots of runs. Expect a high scoring affair and enjoy. You can thanks me 2marrow morning!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Pushed last night with the Dodgers/Rockies over at 10. The Rockies scored just by themselves and the new look Dodgers couldn't even score one little run. *SIGH* Oh well....some people say a push is a win bcause you didn't lose.
Tonight I must go with probably one of the hottest pitchers right now....Kris Medlen. I am taking the Atlanta Braves tonight because they bring Kris Medlen to the mound and the kid has been untouchable. Since becoming a starter this season, in all the games he has started, he has NEVER given up more than 1 run!!! He's only given up more than 1 walk only ONCE in his starts. The dude can flat out pitch. Let me educate you on the season he is having. These are Medlen's stats....he is 5-1 with a microscopic 1.86 ERA....65Ks to only 18BB in 87 innings. Medlen has been dynamite for the Braves. Not to mention he is pitching at a pitcher friendly park tonight in San Diego. (Petco Park) I fully expect the Braves offense to get going tonight with the lighting fast Michael Bourn leading off. The Braves lineup is stacked and they should be scoring a lot more runs than they should be. Especially with the likes of Prado, McCann, Heyward, Freeman and Uggla. Oh and I also forgot the ageless one Chipper Jones! One the Braves get the lead late into the game and when they get to Craig Kimbrel, its light ou time. Probably considered one of the best closers in the game right now. The Padres have been on a winning streak but it stops tonight. They've been playing a bit over their heads and the last time they played Atlanta they couldnt score runs at all. Atlanta took 3 games out of 4 and the Braves outscored the Padres 19-5 in a 4 game series!!! Take Medlen and the Braves tonight and thank me tomorrow morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays was postponed but we all know I would have easily won that one. Anyway, I have a TRUE MONSTER LOCK PICK for Monday. I am taking the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies OVER 10. You have two EXPLOSIVE offenses going against each other at hitter friendly COORS FIELD!!! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to put one and one together to figure out these two teams are going to run up the score. I expect at least one of the team to go OVER themselves. Jump on this while it stays at 10 but I wouldnt be surprised if it went up a little. You have the new look Dodgers who have added so much fire power you would think they were at war. Victorino is a top notch leadoff man who can hit and steal bases....Hanley Ramirez is a power speed guy just like SUPERSTUD Matt Kemp, both those guys can hit HOMERUNS and STEAL BASES. Oh and did I mention they also have ADRIAN GONZALEZ....that dude can flat out hit...ummmm oh yeah and their number 6 hitter is Andre Ethier!!!! What a lineup!!! Thats just the let me get to the Rockies....Tyler Colvin has had a very good August and never forget they have CARGO (.313 21HR 81RBI) CARGO's career average at COORS FIELD is .341 and his career average against the Dodgers is .358!!!! Watch out Josh Beckett, its not going to be a pleasant debut for you. Did I mention Beckett has his highest career ERA 4.79 in the month of August in his career. (Thats if you dont count the only game he ever played in March) I can give you 13 more reasons but you don't really need it...I think you get the point. Expect a lot of runs and some very very exciting baseball. Start your week off with an easy win and you can thank me Tuesday morning.


DOWN GOES BAUTISTA! DOWN GOES BAUTISTA! Jose Bautista goes on the DL again after coming back friday night. Without Bautista the Toronto Blue Jays just aren't a threat offensively. Baltimore pitcher Chris Tillman has been a pleasant surprise for the Orioles this year. With a record of 6-2 with a respectable 3.71 ERA. I expect another solid outing from Mr Tillman this Sunday afternoon. Baltimore is a pretty good offensive team with the likes of Adam Jones, Markakis, JJ Hardy, Wieters and their rookie phenom Manny Machado. The offense can go off anytime just like Chris Davis hitting 3HR in a single game for the Orioles. Baltimore's solid pitching and solid offense is going to have no problems dismantling the lowly Toronto Blue Jays. This is probably the easiest pick I've made this whole week. Finish the week off good and do yourself a favor and take Baltimore Orioles and thank me 2marrow morning.

Friday, August 24, 2012


If you have been reading my picks for the last few days then you really need to thank me...RIGHT NOW!!! With the Chicago White sox winning last night. I have WON 6 GAMES IN A ROW!!! My last 6 picks have all been winners. Winner, winner someone owes me a chicken dinner.....but for now lets continue my HOT STREAK and go for number 7 in a row.
Today I have another UNDERDOG SPECIAL and its a BIG BIG UNDERDOG. My last UNDERDOG SPECIAL was on Tuesday and I won that one. (Cincinnati Reds +145)
This afternoon I am taking the Minnesota Twins at a whopping +230!!! The Texas Rangers have newly aquired Ryan Dempster on the mound. Since coming to Texas he has had good starts and not so good starts. I think today is going to be a not so good start. The right-handed Dempster is going to have to go against the lefty bats of Revere, Mauer and Morneau. Revere is an awesome player who makes contact with anything that comes into the strike zone. He rarely swings and misses and that goes to his advantage because he is as fast as a cat. Then you have Mauer and Morneau and both their credentials speak for themselves. I expect a high scoring game between these two clubs. However at +230 the value to pick the Twins is just to irresistible to pass up. Don't be scared and take the UNDERDOG Twins and thank me tomorrow morning. Did I mention you are getting +230....V...A...L...U...E!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


5 WINS IN A ROW!!! Won last nights over pick by a landslide. Either team hit the over by THEMSELVES!!! They both hit the over only a couple of innings into the game. I am scorching hot right now and lets keep it rolling and continue the winning ways.
My Friday night delight is going to be the Chicago White Sox. This White Sox can flat out hit. Adam Dunn is a HOMERUN machine, Alex Rios is playing like an All-Star that he was suppose to be since his Toronto days, Youks is a hitting machine since coming from the Red Sox and Paul Konerko is just a Mr Everything machine with HR, RBI, and AVG. Jake Peavy pitches for the Sox tonight against the lowly Seattle Mariners. I bet no one can even name 3 guys in their starting more Ichiro remember??? Their only bright spot is Felix Hernandez and he isn't pitching tonight. This is a easy pick and the White Sox should have no problem dismantling the Mariners. Take Chicago White Sox and start your weekend off good with an easy win and thank me in the morning.

EXTRA - On a side note...The UFC has canceled UFC 151 featuring Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson. Dan Henderson got injured and was unable to continue with the show. Thats not why the show was canceled....UFC had replacements in line and all but one declined....who accepted??? Chael Sonnen!!! WAIT.......Now Jon Jones declined fighting Chael the entire event is canceled. Where should I start?? I understand that it is only 8 days notice for Champion Jon Jones to accept and get ready for a fight with Sonnen. However Chael Sonnen has the same 8 days notice to prepare just like Jones. Now I don't know if Jon Jones is scared or what but how can a Champion decline a fight??? A Champion of fighting is suppose to accept all challengers and all comers. How can one be considered a champion and one of the best in the world if he declines a fight??? Now every fighter that was suppose to be on the card will not receive a paycheck because there is no work. Say what you want about Chael Sonnen but he is entertaining and absolutely FEARLESS...he is not scared of losing and just wants to fight. The man can talk and the man can fight.


You smell that??? Smells like fire cause I am............SMOKING!!! 4 straight wins in a row....another win last night with the Oakland A's. Did I not say Tommy Milone pitches like a Cy Young candidate at home? The man completely dominated for 8 innings.
Anyway, back to todays pick - I love the over on this Angels/Red Sox game at 9.5. The Angels have Trout and Pujols providing the offense and everyone is doing their part and chipping in. On the other side we have the broken down Red Sox offense who lost Middlebrooks, Ortiz and Youks. However, Adrian Gonzalez is still driving in runs and starting to heat up and don't look to down on the supporting cast. They still have the heart and soul of the and the guy who makes the offense go in Dustin Pedroia. Cody Ross and Saltalamacchia still have much power in their bats. I expect a slugfest in this contest. You have two of the better run scoring offenses in the American League colliding tonight. This contest should easily go over the 9.5. So lay back tonight and enjoy the fireworks at Fenway and thank me 2marrow.
Oh and also on my fantasy baseball note....the guy I provided in yesterdays article went 2/4 with another double...thats a double in 4 straight games!!! JOSH DONALDSON has 12 hits in his lat 25 at bats....the dude is batting almost .500!!!! What are you waiting for???? Go to your waiver wire and click ADD next to his name....hurry...hurry...GO!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OAKLAND A's -175

BOOM BOOM!!!! Two picks last night, two wins last night. I picked Detroit and they won behind a great performance by MAD MAX Scherzer like I said. Also won MY UNDERDOG SPECIAL Cincinnati Reds at +145!!! I am Mucho Fuego, Muy Caliente...well, basically I'm HOT!!!! Won my last 3 picks and its going to continue today.
Last week I took Oakland A's with Tommy Milone pitching at home and I WON. Today I'm taking Oakland A's with Tommy Milone pitching at home again and I'm going to win AGAIN! Like I said last week Milone pitching like an All-Star at home. Matchups favor the lefty Milone because 3 of the Twins' starters are left handed bats. (Revere, Mauer and Morneau) Expect Milone to stifle the Twins this afternoon. Why else would a soft tossing lefty be favored -175 against a Twins team? lol....If you really need more reason, then just go to my past post on Oakland from last week and that should make you feel a little better. Oh and by the way if you play fantasy baseball and need a hot pickup....check out C/3B JOSH DONALDSON of the A's. In his last few games he is 12 for 29 and batting a robust .414 with 1HR and 6RBI. So sit back this afternoon and watch Oakland pick up the win and thank me 2marrow...because...thats "MONEYBALL"....get it? get it? The movie based on Oakland A's? Brad Pitt? Jonah Hill? Ah forget it.....!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Awesome win with Oakland A's Friday night. Sorry I havent posted anything since. Been very busy doing my Fantasy football drafts. Just finished doing my 6th fantasy football draft. Anyway, since I havent posted for a couple of days, I will give 2 picks tonight and one is a special UNDERDOG pick who should be a favorite!!!
First pick is the Detroit Tigers, I know the -200 is a little scary but let me ease you of your fears. MAD MAX SCHERZER is pitching tonight. The guy is a strikeout machine. MAD MAX has 12 wins already on the year and has 178 strikeouts in only 140innings. Thats more than a strikeout per inning!!!! Disregard his 4.41 ERA because sometimes he gets bored and loses focus, thats because the Tigers have MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera and SUPER SLUGGER Prince Fielder putting up runs right and left. MAD MAX has started 4 games against Toronto in his career and he is 2-0 with a 1.67 ERA. OH YEAH....I forgot to mention the Toronto Blue Jays don't have Jose Bautista in the lineup. And last but not least Toronto has Ricky Romero on the mound and his ERA is even worse at 5.53 and he hasnt won a game his last 10 starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I really say more??? Do yourself a favor man up and take Detroit tonight.
Second pick is a UNDERDOG special - Cincinnati Reds at +145. Last night the Reds sat 3 of their stars and lost. (Stubbs, Frazier and Ludwick) With Cliff Lee pitching for Philly tonight they put their high octane right handed bats back into the lineup. Stubbs has picked it up a little after a slow start to the season...the kid can hit it out of the park and he can steal bases like a professional thief. Frazier is their SUPER rookie who can play anywhere on the field and is a hitting machine. Finally RYAN LUDWICK....who needs JOEY VOTTO???? LUDWICK in his last 10 games has NOT gone more than 2 games without a HOMERUN....has NOT gone more than 1 game without a RBI!!!! Like my old NBA JAM video game used to say...."HE IS ON FIRE" LUDWICK has 6 HR 11 RBI in his last 10 games. Oh by the way....did I mention the Phillies traded away Victorino and Pence, sure they still have Utley and Howard and Rollins but I'll take the Reds and +145...such great value!!!!! I'm so tired of talking but I have no choice to mention if the Reds get a lead its pretty much over because they have such a great bullpen...led by MR 100MPH FASTBALL - AROLDIS CHAPMAN. The Reds have a lead and its GOODNIGHT and thank me 2marrow.

Friday, August 17, 2012

OAKLAND A's -135

I really like Oakland tonight over the Indians. Tommy Milone is pitching tonight and at home he is a BEAST! The guy has a 2.13 ERA at home in 10 starts this year. You wont get the flashy strikeouts but this guy can straight up pitch. The A's have a very fun team to watch....they found a gem in Cespedes and made a star out of Reddick. The A's are above .500 and no one expected that. I take the A's and Mr Milone for sure tonight..........thats MONEYBALL!

Extra - Fantasy Football - BRANDON LLOYD.
Remember when Randy Moss first came to New England and Tom Brady had someone to go play fetch with? Moss caught 98 recptions for 1493 yards and 23 TOUCHDOWNS!!!! I'm not saying Lloyd is Randy Moss or is going to replicate those stats but he sure will have a MONSTER year. Tom Brady can dink and dunk to Wes Welker or zip a 100mph football to Big Gronkowski but what he really loves is throwing the deeeeeep ball. He hasnt had someone to throw deep to since Randy Moss. Here comes Brandon Lloyd someone who can run deep and go get it. Someone who can stretch the field, someone who makes more amazing acrobatic catches than anything. People on the Patriots are amazed at the catches Lloyd can make. Now should you use a second round draft pick on him? of course not.....however, I honestly believe that a good fantasy owner should always reach to get a player they really want. I can't tell you how many times the player I wanted got drafted 1 or 2 spots away from. All because I wanted to wait just a little longer. You wait pick wrong.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I know the season just ended but it cant hurt to be prepared for next year. For those of you who picked up little know asian kid from Harvard named Jeremy Lin he probably helped you get into the fantasy playoffs. The kid can straight up play and I dont give a crap what anyone says. They dont understand the magnitude of what actually happened. The first Asian-American born NBA player. No one can really understand how difficult it took for that to happen. In middle schools, high schools and college, asian kids were always known to be the nerds or uncool kids. No one wants to hear it but asian kids go through so much racism in our school systems. In my experience I've seen kids get slapped and humiliated and do nothing about it. Imagine half of the things Jeremy Lin had to go through to even make it as a benchwarmer in the NBA. Imagine being the only yellow skinned kids on your school Junior Varsity imagine being the only yellow skinned kid in an entire high school basketball game at a gym. Now onto his fantasy impact...Kyle Lowry in the Houston Rockets shined brightly and became a top 3 fantasy point guard. There is no superstar/Carmelo in Houston who needs the ball 83 times a game. Therefore Lin will get his points via easy baskets driving to the hoop....getting hacked by guys 3 times his size with no fear and getting to the line to get easy FT points. Lin will also occasionally drill the 3s for you too. The kid can obviously see the floor very well so therefore your assists will be there too. The only hit category wise will be the turnovers but obviously he is working on that. I can honestly say that Jeremy Lin will be a top 6 to 7 point guard next year. P.S. if the Knicks were smart they would have TRADED...yes TRADED Carmelo Anthony and get a 3point shooter and a couple of good draft picks. the Knicks were unstoppable with Lin and without Melo. Imagine Lin at the helm....Shumpert the defensive stopper....Amare and Tyson Chandler the muscles in the paint. To the Knicks brass....with Lin without Melo....IT WORKED....YOU WON but too scared to do the unthinkable - Trade Carmelo Anthony!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Its finally here.....FANTASY FOOTBALL! So everyone knows about Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Foster, Rice and the McCoys. But the studs arent usually the ones who will win you a CHAMPIONSHIP. Its the sleepers and breakout stars that no one decided to draft BUT YOU DID. My sleeper for this year is WR Danny Amendola of the St Louis Rams. Kinda reminds me of Wes Welker, small, fast slot receiver. QB Sam Bradford had a bad year last year especially compared to 2 years ago to his stellar rookie season. His rookie season was stellar because of my main man Danny Amendola. You could even say thats his security blanket. Yes Bradford all warm and cozy with Amendola covering him lol. Anyway, Amendola runs quick short routes that are pretty much undefendable. You have no choice but to give up those short 4-5 yard catches and he can easily catch 8-10 in a game. Therefore Amendola is even more valuable in a PPR format league. These quick short routes make him a red zone threat where receivers usually arent unless your names Megatron or Larry Fitzgerald. I expect Bradford to have a solid year and that mean Amendola will have one too. You don't need to aim for Amendola as you could probably get him in LATE Rounds of your draft. Well not anymore cause I already leaked him as sleeper and people in your league probably just read this.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Can someone tell me why this over/under is not at 15? LoL ok maybe thats a little overboard. Two high powered offenses collide Tuesday night and I expect fireworks. I expect a score something like 11-8. Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Adrian Beltre, Ian Kinsler, Robbie Cano, Teixeira, Granderson....need I say more? It's like an All-Star game and I didn't even mention future hall of famers like Jeter and Ichiro. Did I also mention A-Rod's replacement, former SUPERSTAR STUD 3RD Baseman Eric Chavez is batting OVER .500!!!!! Chavez is SMOKING HOT at the plate right now and batting right in the heart of the potent Yankees offense. Take the over on this game and sit back and watch poor pitching and dynamic hitting. Hell I wouldnt be surprised if they did all the scoring in the first inning. Thank me Wednesday!!! By the way...did I mention Eric Chavez is hitting over .500???????????? If you play fantasy you better drop whoever you have at 3B and pick up Mr. OVER .500!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Tonight is my first Monster Lock Pick and is going to be my first winner and surely not last. Quickly hop on the Atlanta Braves tonight who are only at -115!!! What a bargain....what a discount....what a steal!!! Free money!!! Now I'm going to tell you why so you don't think I flipped a coin to decide. Big not that one. Big Ben Sheets...the former stud pitcher for the Brewers is BACK!!! In 5 starts this season he has given up a total of only 5 earned runs. In 32 innings hes only given up 5 earned runs. Whats even better is he is on the road tonight. This season on the road he is UNDEFEATED!!! Also on the road this season he has only given up 1 earned run with a 0.68 ERA!!! No one can score a run on him even if they had corked bats and Babe Ruth batting leadoff. However, one of the more important issues is Dan Da Man Uggla. The hulking 2nd Baseman for the Braves has been in one of his famous slumps....HOWEVER....everyone knows about his famous HOT STREAKS and he is starting to HEAT up. The guy has arms the size of tree trunks. So....BIG BEN and Dan with big arms and only -115....TAKE BRAVES! What the hell are you waiting for??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank me tomorrow morning!