Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays was postponed but we all know I would have easily won that one. Anyway, I have a TRUE MONSTER LOCK PICK for Monday. I am taking the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies OVER 10. You have two EXPLOSIVE offenses going against each other at hitter friendly COORS FIELD!!! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to put one and one together to figure out these two teams are going to run up the score. I expect at least one of the team to go OVER themselves. Jump on this while it stays at 10 but I wouldnt be surprised if it went up a little. You have the new look Dodgers who have added so much fire power you would think they were at war. Victorino is a top notch leadoff man who can hit and steal bases....Hanley Ramirez is a power speed guy just like SUPERSTUD Matt Kemp, both those guys can hit HOMERUNS and STEAL BASES. Oh and did I mention they also have ADRIAN GONZALEZ....that dude can flat out hit...ummmm oh yeah and their number 6 hitter is Andre Ethier!!!! What a lineup!!! Thats just the let me get to the Rockies....Tyler Colvin has had a very good August and never forget they have CARGO (.313 21HR 81RBI) CARGO's career average at COORS FIELD is .341 and his career average against the Dodgers is .358!!!! Watch out Josh Beckett, its not going to be a pleasant debut for you. Did I mention Beckett has his highest career ERA 4.79 in the month of August in his career. (Thats if you dont count the only game he ever played in March) I can give you 13 more reasons but you don't really need it...I think you get the point. Expect a lot of runs and some very very exciting baseball. Start your week off with an easy win and you can thank me Tuesday morning.

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